Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where did the time go?

This blog entry is a more personal one being that it pertains to something happening with me. I do have my times where I like to talk about myself *smile*. Its really weird because I haven't been in this situation in a long while.
I haven't been to anybodys school since the end of Bennetts school year 07. I probably was the first one out of there when finals were over. I didn't even pack my stuff up in the apt. I just left it all and hopped right on 85S headed to Atlanta*my home*. I wish I wouldve waited though because I wouldve probably waited and finished there and moved to either Florida or California. But what was waiting in Atlanta for me was much better to me in my eyes*wink*.
Well anyway I just resumed school as of August 17, 2009. I have been working as hard as I can being that I have a 6 month old son which requires so much time. I have completed the work and passed most test and assignments. Only thing is midterms are going on this week and then finals are right around the corner. I don't feel like I've accomplished as much as I could have and I can't redeem myself next semester like in highschool. Its much more difficult to maintain a grade point average of your liking. And the fact that you're paying for it makes it all the more reason to make As. I have studied as much as I could with the NET exam coming up and trying to maintain my grades. I want to be in Nursing school next semester but if not ill finish my biology degree and keep it moving.
I feel I will succeed as long as I do what I need to do and make sure everything is done correctly. I have faith and know everythings going to be alright.
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