Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Showdown

Falcons vs Bucs
With Falcons out and getting hurt and Bucs on a losing streak what's the worst that could happen? Well the home team (Falcons) came out on top with a score of 20-17 Let's go FALCONS!
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Giving Thanks

Tis the season to give thanks. Show those you love and care about your appreciation. Just be thankful for life health and strength. We go each day living as usual and never show thanks until Thanksgiving Day. I challenge you to give thanks 365/24/7.
Giving and showing appreciation can really be the icing on the cake. It can brighten someones day and even be the change in someones life. You never know how far "thank you" or a smile or token of appreciation can go. Its the little things that go a long way. Be sure you aren't guilty of being so inconsiderate or thinking it was something to small to show you care. You can start from within and be the change you want to see. Seasons Greetings to all!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My sanity...he keeps me going!
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Black Friday in the Middle of a RECESSION!

Everyone has always waited to go shopping after Thanksgiving to catch a sale!! After enjoying turkey and all the trimmings the day before, shopping is the cure to lose the few pounds u picked up. Some wake as early as 3 and 4 in the morning to get the 1st of the best sales available and also to beat the crowd. Many may even camp out in front of the stores waiting on them to open the doors for the 1st customers to take part in all the sale signs they had set up the night before. Extended hours and percentages off bring in even the highest paid of people.
So with all the layoffs and budget cuts who will be out shopping this year? The answer? The smart and savvy shopper. The one who searched for black friday sales beforehand and researched which stores had what they needed and found the one with the least amount of people. Some stores offer coupons and price match but probably wont honor it unless you prove to them at the time that its cheaper elsewhere. The people who bring along friends to wait in line while they go get what they need will be in and out the store in no time. The person who has very little money but knows how to stretch a dollar will be out and back home before the after thanksgiving marathons and movies start on tv. Make sure you are one of these savvy shoppers. Dont get caught up with those in the crowd. Go to the least popular items first and search for the most popular at the underpopulated stores. You will be sure to get EVERYTHING you bargained for and wanted!
Me? I have to work Thanksgiving day and the day after so I may not be out long. I do hope to find a mini laptop and a flatscreen tv for the house. Hopefully I get things done in time to clock in at 230pm. Well Happy Shopping to you all! (Be sure to speak if youre in the Atlanta area and see me...ill be in line with my work clothes and hospital id badge on lol)
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

When Its out of YOUR REACH!

What do you do when you want or need something so bad? What if its something money can't buy or be picked up on the street?who do you seek for advice on such a personal situation? So many questions and decisions have to be taken into consideration. This thing I speak of is real, true, and genuine LOVE!
When you have met, settled down, and started a family with "the one", you feel as though you have the world. Its sometimes like a cloud-9 feeling that you never want to end. A natural high that no AA or DA meeting can cure. Its something that even words can't explain.
We seek love through our God, man, family, material things, etc but never from within. You can't love anyone until you have first learned to love yourself. No one can love you until you have first taken the initiative. Its just like respect, no one will respect a person that doesn't respect themselves. Take a chance and find what you need from your God and the one whom you look at in the mirror. Take some responsibility and you will never depend on others for things you already have.
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