Monday, October 12, 2009

time but not that time

Have you ever been so sleepy yet can't go to sleep. You've been up working all day and being with the kids all night yet can't get settled. Getting your body to wind down is such a difficult task sometimes. There are things to do to settle down but some may or may not work depending on the person. Some say work out, others say drink warm milk...Whatever you do its supposed to work towards you getting to sleep. Me? Right now I'm blogging because I can't get to sleep. It is 2:45 and I'm still up and around the house as if something isn't quite finished. Baby is sleep, the house is clean, I'm full and my thirst has been quenched and my body is cleaned. I've always tried to say my prayers for a settled and great nights rest but of course sometimes there's nothing to put you to sleep. Maybe ill read a book or even blog more who knows?!?! Enjoy your slumber!!!