Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Sitting at home because of nowhere to go and nothing to do. The rain can put a damper on any plans at anytime. Rain can end a good outside game, cause a program to be delayed, mess up a good hairdo, etc. What is there to do on a day like today when the rain puts a halt on most plans made?
First, if you're an at home mom with infants and toddlers, playing games and watching educational videos he'll pass the time. Also reading books and naptime is the best;-). Counting blocks and learning colors, numbers, and A,B,Cs kills time and help with the expanding mind of the child.
For those of you who are at home alone try cooking, cleaning, or just lounging to rest before the day gets crowded with dad from work, homework when kids come home from school, and the phone ringing off the hook. Its even fun to find other at home parents to have lunch or talk about things in common. Those people could become lifelong friends.
Whatever you do make it fun and be sure to make it last because rainy days take forever to pass. Me? I like to try a new recipe or take on a new hobby such as blogging, knitting, etc. Who knows what other fun things rainy days have in store?!?!
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