Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have You EVER?

Have you ever had that "perfect" day where nothing went wrong? What about a day so peaceful you wondered if you were dreaming? So much free time you just didn't know what to do with yourself?
Sometimes we ask for so much and when it comes we are lost as to what to do with it. We ask for time away from everything, but when we get it we just sit there and complain that we have nothing to do. Have we as a people gotten so tied down with family, taking care of home, working, etc to know how to access our free time and use it wisely? We should be excited and restful at the same time because it may be a long while before it happens again.
We take what we don't get as a downfall instead of looking at what we do have. Don't get me wrong I know a person needs time to themselves to take a break and recollect their thoughts and relax. Its just we've gotten so adjusted to what we have and take advantage of it at times. Its no longer common to be a single, working class person without at least one child or family member that you care for. We get so drowned in work we forget even about ourselves to maintain our sanity.
No one knows when we need a break but us unless it shows. Slow down and focus on the matter at hand...YOU! Be sure to relax and live life to the fullest because it only comes and lasts once for however long we are destined to be here.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where did the time go?

This blog entry is a more personal one being that it pertains to something happening with me. I do have my times where I like to talk about myself *smile*. Its really weird because I haven't been in this situation in a long while.
I haven't been to anybodys school since the end of Bennetts school year 07. I probably was the first one out of there when finals were over. I didn't even pack my stuff up in the apt. I just left it all and hopped right on 85S headed to Atlanta*my home*. I wish I wouldve waited though because I wouldve probably waited and finished there and moved to either Florida or California. But what was waiting in Atlanta for me was much better to me in my eyes*wink*.
Well anyway I just resumed school as of August 17, 2009. I have been working as hard as I can being that I have a 6 month old son which requires so much time. I have completed the work and passed most test and assignments. Only thing is midterms are going on this week and then finals are right around the corner. I don't feel like I've accomplished as much as I could have and I can't redeem myself next semester like in highschool. Its much more difficult to maintain a grade point average of your liking. And the fact that you're paying for it makes it all the more reason to make As. I have studied as much as I could with the NET exam coming up and trying to maintain my grades. I want to be in Nursing school next semester but if not ill finish my biology degree and keep it moving.
I feel I will succeed as long as I do what I need to do and make sure everything is done correctly. I have faith and know everythings going to be alright.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Chances are...He's Just NOT That Into You!!!

Sometimes we wonder if the right guy will ever come. If a guy is in your life, the quest is to get him to stay. You then wonder how long he will be around or is it even worth trying. When or if he leaves you wonder what you did or if he's really gone and how long before the "right" one comes. These are just a few of the obvious ways to tell if he's just not that into you. Sometimes we don't see or believe it til someone else shows or tells us. These things can work with either sex actually.
Ladies if you're never his main focus outside of his career, bettering his life and your kids(if you have any) work it out or Let it Go! If he can walk into a room and not acknowledge your presence find out why or Let it Go! If the mere presence of you makes him cringe or leave a room Let it Go! If he takes everything you do for granted and can never show or say any type of gratitude or thanks (even in the beginning) Let it Go!
What about the guy who claims that's just how he is....if he can't change for the better and because he wants you to have respect for each other Let it Go! If you're never able to be seen in public together find out the reason, better yet Let his azz Go! He can only come to your house after midnight? Chuck the dueces and keep it moving!
He's ok with you doing things for him but complains when you ask for something simple like a movie or massage LET IT GO!(He's not always that tired or don't feel like it, that's the excuse for saying no). What about the one who you've been with awhile yet you have met noone he knows, have no mutual friends, and he can never go anywhere with you (even a family or friends function Let it Go!
If you can't both sit and talk about today without an argument Let it Go! If he lies and says he's doing something yet you have proof he's somewhere or doing something other than what he says Let it Go!
Well ladies you get the point, but we are no better at times. We do put our heart deep into something faster which is why it stings more when it happens to us. These are just some typical cases that show if he/she are just not that into you. I love the man in my life although we are both guilty of a few of these. I always say take heed to your own advice but 4 yrs and a baby makes it so hard! Well happy relationships to you all!
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At the End of the Night

After everyone gets home and dinner is done family time is just about up. We sometimes have a few conversations or play a game until its time for baths and bedtime. Well tonight we actually had a good night. We played Rockband on the PS3. This constituted as one of our better nights.
Some nights may end on a bad or good note but we don't lay our heads until our minds are at rest. Trying times are amongst us all and they may get a little frustrating. Letting things build up only makes the situation worse because emotion is running high and sometimes thoughts conflict. Talk your problems out! That's the best way.
Be sure family time is just that. Discuss issues each of you are dealing with and ways they can be solved. Nothing says I love you like someone showing they care and wanting to work through problems together. It really keeps a family bond strong and also keeps conflict and misunderstandings down. Be blunt in how you feel in a respectful way and make it work...nite nite people!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Far is TOO Far!

So an unemployed teen started a "petition" towards the Buffalo Bills. He raised enough money, $1400, to run an advertisement on a digital billboard. The billboard will be directed towards the owner, Ralph Wilson, stating they need to clean house. Not only that the billboard will contain 3 names of the people they should rid the team of.
I'm not a Bills fan but some say its outrageous and others say freedom of speech. I think its funny because so many people backed him through an internet campaign to raise money for it. The money covers the sign being ran for a week @ 3000 times per day. Get this, its over the interstate!!! When the Bills were question how they felt about it, they declined comment. I BET!!! How embarrassing?!?!
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Stop That Balloon

So today CNN was covering a story about a little boy of CO assumed to be in a helium balloon, which was an experiment his dad had started. He allegedly built the balloon to show how the family would feel had a hurricane hit and how to maintain their safety.
The balloon was said to have soared thousands of feet in the air and officials including ambulance and fire fighters had surrounded the area. They wanted to shoot the balloon down to pierce the aluminum it was made with but for the safety of the little boy decided against it. They later came back to say the little boy may have fallen out earlier in the "flight" because they were unable to tell if anyone was on board. The speed of the balloon was also accelerating pretty swiftly.
Eventually the balloon was brought down to find that no one was inside the balloon. This was a great observation but the boy was still missing. Where did the little boy go?!?! The officials searched the streets high and low and found the boy in an attic in a cardboard box at home. To me it seems he may have set the balloon off and had gotten scared so he hid. My question is where was the supervision and why did the 6 year old have open access to the experimental balloon. Who initially said the little boy was in there? Seems a bit fishy to about you?!?!
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What can I do NOW!

With the baby asleep and no work for the moment what can I do. I have so many ways I can occupy my time until naptime is over or daddy gets of work, whichever comes first. Its raining outside so no garden or lounge chair time.
It feels so good to relax since all the cleaning was done yesterday but wait what's for dinner?!?! I hadn't thought about our evening nourishment (LOL). Let's see what I can conjure up in a matter of a few hours. Actually there was plenty left over from last night:-).
Now back to what is there to do...Maybe I can job search or browse the internet. I can exercise in the house or watch tv. Who knows, I may do everything available at some point. Well so much for this....Hope you find something to do before the day is over:-)
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Relaxation Is the Key

Take some time off and pamper yourself....Sometimes that's easier said than done but you gotta do it. There are some very inexpensive ways to have a day of relaxation. Taking a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and music or even a walk on a nice fall day count towards your time. Scheduling an hour or two (if a whole day isn't possible) can be arranged while the kids are in school and your SO is away at work or somewhere else.
Be sure to set aside time every so often to maintain sanity and happiness. Going for extended periods of time without a chance to do something for your self could lead to stress, depression, and even lower your self confidence. Continue to be yourself just with a more relaxed tone.
I've even tried yoga and that helped a lot. I'm even looking into doing it more often when I find another facility close to home that offers it. Yoga helped me to relax and leave all problems outside. When it was over I had even forgot some things I was scheduled to do LOL. The fact of being in a tranquil setting relieves tension and relaxes the body as a whole, mind included.
Setting out time to get a spa pedicure and manicure could be that "thing" that gives you your "me" time. Sitting like a queen and being waited on hand and foot (literally) could do the trick. Sit back, relax, turn on your ipod or mp3 and let the spa ensue you. If you don't have the time or money to visit a spa the same can be done in the comfort of your own home with your tub or bucket and bath salts.
Be sure to find something that helps you. These are just a few examples of things I've done or heard of others doing. Find your niche and stick with it. Happy Relaxation!!!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Never say NEVER!

Sometimes life gets so hard with todays economy, battle with family and friends, and most of all the fight within yourself. Lifes curveballs come at the most inhumane times about the most inhumane things. When you're up others are down and want to bring you with them. When you're down others are up but instead of helping you they look down at you to keep you there.
Its so difficult to maintain sanity when bills hit you left and right or the company you work for is downsizing or even your closest friends no longer come around or even make a courtesy call.
We only have our FAITH in our GOD to bring us through trying as well as happy times. We continue to pray, read our word, praise and worship GOD and talk to those around us that lend a helping hand. We believe that its only a test for us to show our faith and believe and trust in GOD to bring us through.
I, myself, sometimes "forget" to pray and recognize who's in control. I try to endure things on my own instead of continuing my faith walk. Its gets difficult at times and we forget who is our Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I continue my fervent prayer so that each one of us live fulfilling lives because we mean so much to each other regardless of if we know it or not...
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Sitting at home because of nowhere to go and nothing to do. The rain can put a damper on any plans at anytime. Rain can end a good outside game, cause a program to be delayed, mess up a good hairdo, etc. What is there to do on a day like today when the rain puts a halt on most plans made?
First, if you're an at home mom with infants and toddlers, playing games and watching educational videos he'll pass the time. Also reading books and naptime is the best;-). Counting blocks and learning colors, numbers, and A,B,Cs kills time and help with the expanding mind of the child.
For those of you who are at home alone try cooking, cleaning, or just lounging to rest before the day gets crowded with dad from work, homework when kids come home from school, and the phone ringing off the hook. Its even fun to find other at home parents to have lunch or talk about things in common. Those people could become lifelong friends.
Whatever you do make it fun and be sure to make it last because rainy days take forever to pass. Me? I like to try a new recipe or take on a new hobby such as blogging, knitting, etc. Who knows what other fun things rainy days have in store?!?!
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Who Can I Run To?

What happens to a dream deferred? It seems difficult to live your life pleasing your God, yourself, your kids, and relatives. I try to maintain a positive focus and work on doing what's best for me and mine. Being pulled different ways because of different attitudes and lifestyles is not what I want to be apart of nor did I expect it to start later in life. Lifes problems are caused by ourselves and others we surround ourselves with. If we tend to attract positive people it would ease a lot of the disagreements with our minds and thoughts. We continue each day stretching left and right, front and back and side to side. This type of living does not contribute to a healthier lifestyle for you nor the others around you. I've done yoga and exercise regimen that helps keep me sane. What other things can we do to rid ourselves of so much stress, depression, and aggravation but continue healthy living?
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time but not that time

Have you ever been so sleepy yet can't go to sleep. You've been up working all day and being with the kids all night yet can't get settled. Getting your body to wind down is such a difficult task sometimes. There are things to do to settle down but some may or may not work depending on the person. Some say work out, others say drink warm milk...Whatever you do its supposed to work towards you getting to sleep. Me? Right now I'm blogging because I can't get to sleep. It is 2:45 and I'm still up and around the house as if something isn't quite finished. Baby is sleep, the house is clean, I'm full and my thirst has been quenched and my body is cleaned. I've always tried to say my prayers for a settled and great nights rest but of course sometimes there's nothing to put you to sleep. Maybe ill read a book or even blog more who knows?!?! Enjoy your slumber!!!