Thursday, October 15, 2009

What can I do NOW!

With the baby asleep and no work for the moment what can I do. I have so many ways I can occupy my time until naptime is over or daddy gets of work, whichever comes first. Its raining outside so no garden or lounge chair time.
It feels so good to relax since all the cleaning was done yesterday but wait what's for dinner?!?! I hadn't thought about our evening nourishment (LOL). Let's see what I can conjure up in a matter of a few hours. Actually there was plenty left over from last night:-).
Now back to what is there to do...Maybe I can job search or browse the internet. I can exercise in the house or watch tv. Who knows, I may do everything available at some point. Well so much for this....Hope you find something to do before the day is over:-)
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