Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Never say NEVER!

Sometimes life gets so hard with todays economy, battle with family and friends, and most of all the fight within yourself. Lifes curveballs come at the most inhumane times about the most inhumane things. When you're up others are down and want to bring you with them. When you're down others are up but instead of helping you they look down at you to keep you there.
Its so difficult to maintain sanity when bills hit you left and right or the company you work for is downsizing or even your closest friends no longer come around or even make a courtesy call.
We only have our FAITH in our GOD to bring us through trying as well as happy times. We continue to pray, read our word, praise and worship GOD and talk to those around us that lend a helping hand. We believe that its only a test for us to show our faith and believe and trust in GOD to bring us through.
I, myself, sometimes "forget" to pray and recognize who's in control. I try to endure things on my own instead of continuing my faith walk. Its gets difficult at times and we forget who is our Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I continue my fervent prayer so that each one of us live fulfilling lives because we mean so much to each other regardless of if we know it or not...
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