Friday, October 16, 2009

Chances are...He's Just NOT That Into You!!!

Sometimes we wonder if the right guy will ever come. If a guy is in your life, the quest is to get him to stay. You then wonder how long he will be around or is it even worth trying. When or if he leaves you wonder what you did or if he's really gone and how long before the "right" one comes. These are just a few of the obvious ways to tell if he's just not that into you. Sometimes we don't see or believe it til someone else shows or tells us. These things can work with either sex actually.
Ladies if you're never his main focus outside of his career, bettering his life and your kids(if you have any) work it out or Let it Go! If he can walk into a room and not acknowledge your presence find out why or Let it Go! If the mere presence of you makes him cringe or leave a room Let it Go! If he takes everything you do for granted and can never show or say any type of gratitude or thanks (even in the beginning) Let it Go!
What about the guy who claims that's just how he is....if he can't change for the better and because he wants you to have respect for each other Let it Go! If you're never able to be seen in public together find out the reason, better yet Let his azz Go! He can only come to your house after midnight? Chuck the dueces and keep it moving!
He's ok with you doing things for him but complains when you ask for something simple like a movie or massage LET IT GO!(He's not always that tired or don't feel like it, that's the excuse for saying no). What about the one who you've been with awhile yet you have met noone he knows, have no mutual friends, and he can never go anywhere with you (even a family or friends function Let it Go!
If you can't both sit and talk about today without an argument Let it Go! If he lies and says he's doing something yet you have proof he's somewhere or doing something other than what he says Let it Go!
Well ladies you get the point, but we are no better at times. We do put our heart deep into something faster which is why it stings more when it happens to us. These are just some typical cases that show if he/she are just not that into you. I love the man in my life although we are both guilty of a few of these. I always say take heed to your own advice but 4 yrs and a baby makes it so hard! Well happy relationships to you all!
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