Friday, October 16, 2009

At the End of the Night

After everyone gets home and dinner is done family time is just about up. We sometimes have a few conversations or play a game until its time for baths and bedtime. Well tonight we actually had a good night. We played Rockband on the PS3. This constituted as one of our better nights.
Some nights may end on a bad or good note but we don't lay our heads until our minds are at rest. Trying times are amongst us all and they may get a little frustrating. Letting things build up only makes the situation worse because emotion is running high and sometimes thoughts conflict. Talk your problems out! That's the best way.
Be sure family time is just that. Discuss issues each of you are dealing with and ways they can be solved. Nothing says I love you like someone showing they care and wanting to work through problems together. It really keeps a family bond strong and also keeps conflict and misunderstandings down. Be blunt in how you feel in a respectful way and make it work...nite nite people!
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