Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The NERVE of Some People!!!

So today I go to get my nails done and of course I had my son with me for a quick minute because my mom would meet me there. I was trying to make my noon appointment because I would have to be to work by 3. Of course my mom didn't make it to the nail shop the same time as me. To me this is no biggie considering my son is not a fussy nor difficult baby to deal with. He's 8 months but he's a pleasant 8 months.
So I'm getting my nails done and decide to check my twitter account to see that the woman who owns the nail shop has a problem with me having my son with me for the few minutes he's there. Her tweet said "don't bring your baby to the nail shop PLEASE, what makes you think you could get your nails done holding a baby"...not knowing the entire situation and not knowing how much of a messy bi*+# (excuse my language) she showed herself to be. People are quick to voice their opinion without knowing details...always keep your mouth shut and your ears open....I love my nails though (no thanks to her of course)
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